Winter Wonderland

Last weekend we were in Gersfeld with a friend. After a stressful work week we wanted to take some time to clear our minds with a little hiking, and in the evening, enjoy good company over a glass of wine or a beer.

Underway we realized that the weekend would be different than planned. As we came closer, it began to rain harder and harder. Then, when we were on the train between Fulda and Gersfeld, we saw the first snowflakes! Our friend was booked in a nice room at the Hotel Rhön-Garden as all our apartments were full. On the next morning, in spite of the snowy weather, we decided to walk from Pferdskopf to Wasseerkuppe.

We noticed right away on the walk down the hill from the hotel, that the hike would be more complicated than expected. The wet snow on the newly fallen leaves created a very slippery path.

Durch den Wald im Schnee

The further we climbed the Pferdskopf, the more difficult the walk became. The path was icy, it was windy and the first snow drifts were building. It was good that we were dressed for the weather! (Sometimes it's ok to be a little over cautious.) At some point we decided not to continue our walk to the Wasserkuppe, but came down the hill to Heckenhöfchen. There we ate and drank as if we'd just climbed the Matterhorn ;o).

The next day was a wonderful sunny day, with blue sky, a few clouds and fresh snow. We parked at the Rotes Moor and from there hiked a great round through the Rote Moor to Wasserkuppe mountain and back. The bog was partially frozen and the path through was wintery white. I was surprised there weren't many other people out enjoying the scenery - but I guess they were discouraged by the stormy weather the day before.

Der Moorsee am Roten Moor

I've rarely seen such an early start to the winter here. I heard though, that the snow was gone again by Tuesday. I'm looking forward to the snow again in the coming weeks.

Winter Wonderland | Ferien-In-Gersfeld


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