Hike: Wasserkuppe

Since my early childhood our family took the hike to the  Wasserkuppe , some years as often as every weekend!

Leaving our holiday apartments you follow Gartenstrasse up the hill, and then turn right  towards the "Dreierhöfe" and then the Eube hill. Once you have reached the Eube, you will be on wide open pasture and you'll already see the big Radom, the signature of the Wasserkuppe.

Havving arrived, enjoy a walk around the top of Wasserkuppe and the Radom. If weather permits, you will have a wonderful view over  hessische, bavarian and thuringian Rhön. You can visit the Radom as well: Information about the opening hours can be found on the  Radom Webseite. Visiting the Hang Gliding Museum is  quite a treat as well, not to mention the shops, restaurants and little Bratwurst stands you'll find all over the place.

For the return hike you have at least 2 optiins: The first one gets you to the vilage of Obernhausen, and from there you follow the trails towards Gersfeld. Or you take the longer route over Pferdskopf and the Lake Guckai, which is the biggest natural lake in Hesse. Take a bath there and then walk back towards Gersfeld.

Blick vom Pferdskopf

Track Signs:

Towards Wasserkuppe, follow the red triangles. On the way back, for the Obernhausen route follow the Blue Triangle to Fuldaquelle and the the hollow Blue Triangle.

Calculate about 6 - 8 hours for the hoike, depending on your capabilities and the route you chose.

Pictures : (1) Wasserkuppe, (2) View from Pferdskopf, Wikipedia

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Hike: Wasserkuppe | Ferien-In-Gersfeld


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