Gersfeld's Spa Tax

When you visit Gersfeld on vacation, we add a Spa Tax to your invoice, which we submit to the City of Gersfeld.

You may have wondered how you benefit from the Spa Tax. I asked myself the same question and decided to inquire at the city, actually at the Tourist office. Here is the answer that I received:


To the Mueller Family,

The Spa Tax is levied in order to cover the costs for the building and maintenance of Spa and Wellness facilities (for example the care and cleaning of the Palace Park) and for events related to these facilities. It is definitely not a tax on our visitor's stay with us, but is there to sponsor the events and services that are made available to all spa guests. It is not mandatory for cities or villages to provide discounts on other services.

Gersfeld however, does offer discounted entrance fees on the following:

- our local Zoo
- the Kaskade Wellness pool and facilities
- the outdoor pools in Gersfeld and Dalherda

In addition we offer our visitors free guided hiking tours (April - November) and free guided tours of the local zoo (May - September), where guests only pay the entrance fee. In addition participation in our Saturday Nordic Walking events is free from April to October.

I hope we've been able to answer all your questions.

Gersfeld's Spa Tax | Ferien-In-Gersfeld


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