E-Ladestation in der Gartenstrasse

Liebe Gäste,

im Mai 2021 haben wir in der Gartenstraße eine Ladestation für Elektrofahrzeuge installiert, die Ihr E-Fahrzeug mit grünem Strom versorgt. machen. Es handelt sich um eine Ladestation mit einem Typ 2 Kabel. Die maximale Leistung beträgt 11 kW.

Die Kosten für Sie liegen deutlich unter den Preisen der öffentlichen Ladestationen. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, falls Sie die Ladestation benutzen möchten.


Kurtaxe Gersfeld

Kurz vor Weihnachten erreichte uns Vermieter die Botschaft der Stadt Gersfeld: Die Kurtaxe ändert sich im neuen Jahr.

Kurz und knapp zusammengefaßt:


Gersfeld's Spa Tax

When you visit Gersfeld on vacation, we add a Spa Tax to your invoice, which we submit to the City of Gersfeld.

You may have wondered how you benefit from the Spa Tax. I asked myself the same question and decided to inquire at the city, actually at the Tourist office. Here is the answer that I received:


To the Mueller Family,


Information about Gersfeld

We have always tried to provide information about Gersfeld and surroundings on this website. We especially wanted our visitors to read about local restaurants, winter sports and fun things to do in the summer.

Recently, I've started a new project, that is, a site that is independent from Ferien-in-Gersfeld. This site presents information about restaurants, hotels and shops on an interactive map, and additionally provides some real-time information interesting for visitors.


Winter Wonderland

Last weekend we were in Gersfeld with a friend. After a stressful work week we wanted to take some time to clear our minds with a little hiking, and in the evening, enjoy good company over a glass of wine or a beer.


Hike: Wasserkuppe

Since my early childhood our family took the hike to the  Wasserkuppe , some years as often as every weekend!

Leaving our holiday apartments you follow Gartenstrasse up the hill, and then turn right  towards the "Dreierhöfe" and then the Eube hill. Once you have reached the Eube, you will be on wide open pasture and you'll already see the big Radom, the signature of the Wasserkuppe.


Pricelist 2013

I've just finished the pricing for 2013. We decided not to raise our rental prices for 2013. We'll just keep everything the same as this year, and help a little to keep things stable and fight inflation.
You'll find the old and new prices on this page.
We look forward to your next visit in 2013!


Easter 2013: The Sufi Order Event

Today, I updated our reservations calendar. Easter 2013 and 2014 are already fully booked! 
How come? Every year over the Easter holidays Gersfeld is hosting the Easter meeting of the German chapter of the Sufi Order. The proceedings take place in the Gersfeld meeting hall, and they stretch from Friday to Monday every year.


Kaskade Gersfeld

Its raining? Bad weather? Want to relax?

Then its time for an afternoon, an evening or even a whole day in der Kaskade. Located next to the hotel Gersfelder Hof (Directiion Rommers) you'll find a nice wellness and sports facilty with pool, jacuzzi and resting area. It also features  a finish sauna (95°), a roman Caldarium (45°) and a steam room.



In the past, I always had a hard time finding good pictures for our website.

Then I accidentally discovered Hubertus Lüpkes' page. And now I'm having a lot of fun playing with his materials and preparing them for Ferien-In-Gersfeld. I found great material for fall and winter (see landing page), and I'm looking forward to selecting something for spring and summer pretty soon.


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